How to refer to us


Who we receive referrals from


We will receive referrals from anyone including self, family, and other agencies/organisations.  All referrals must have the consent of the person being referred before it is accepted. If a referral is under the age of 16, parental consent will be required.  Parent(s)/Caregiver(s) must consent to the release of information for a referral. ALL information in a referral and the process we follow is strictly confidential.


How to refer

Our service provision works on a referral basis. If you or someone you know would benefit from having support through our services then the first step is to complete a referral. Our team works with:

Children/young people 5-25 years old


Victims of Family Harm

Family Harm offenders


The most important thing is that the person being referred is willing to receive help.  We are a voluntary service so can only work with those that are happy to have our support. Referral’s to Tūtaki Youth Inc. cover the following services:

Youth work

Social work

Family harm response and support

A variety of programmes


Our services cover a wide variety of support including, but not limited to:






Managing anger


Life skills

Connecting to community

Social relationships

Building resilience

Family relationships

Referrals to external agencies for specialist support including alcohol and drug and mental health support


Our Referral Forms

Simply download the appropriate referral forms, fill in the information required, and send them back to us.


How we can receive referrals

Send by mail via PO BOX 26, Stratford
Email through to
Dropped into reception at 88 Juliet Street, Stratford


Our referral process

Referrals may be deferred, accepted or declined according to priority.

Any supporting documentation such as Family Group Conference Plans, information from previous or current other agencies you may be working with, and parenting or protection orders that may be in place at time of referral are good to provide with your referral.

Once a referral is received it goes to our Case Management Meeting which is attended by our service provision team.

Referrals will either be:

  • Accepted;
  • Deferred (placed on-hold); or
  • Declined

An initial assessment of the referral will take place and a priority given based on the needs outlined and the capacity of the team. Once a referral has been allocated a case-holder, this team member will make contact with the referrer and the person being referred within 7 days. An appointment will be made with them for a needs assessment. This needs assessment is completed to gain a clear picture of what is going on for that person and to have a discussion about what Tūtaki Youth Inc. may be able to support them with.

The needs assessment is brought back to our case management meeting and a decision is made as to whether or not we are the most appropriate agency to help. If this is agreed then the individual referred will now become a client and a client plan will be developed between them and their case-holder.

At times we may decide that another agency would be a better fit for the referral. When this happens a discussion will be had with the person being referred.