We house our very own space for young people where they can go and feel safe, spend time with their peers, interact with positive role models, have easy access to health and social services, and participate in activities and programmes.

We often hold a range of programmes and activities for the youth of Stratford throughout the year. These include school holiday activities through to one-off events targeted towards young people which are held in and around on youth space.

The space is a super safe area where you’re not obligated to be involved in activities we hold but if you merely wish to kick back, play some pool, cook a feed, jump online or even watch a movie then you most definitely can do that here!

The space is open during our normal facility hours and is accessible to young people aged 12 through to 24 years old. So if you’re interested in participating in the awesome things we get up to on the regular down here or even relax after school then you know where we are.


During each School Holiday period our team here deliver structured holiday activities that are open to any youth aged between 12 – 18 years. A range of activities are scheduled throughout the weekdays of the holidays. Things kick off in the afternoon and go for a couple of hours. We’re always looking for ways to spice up the school holiday programmes so that every holiday period is a bit different. In the past we’ve held  group quizzes, cooking & baking, games and tournament days, arts & crafts, scavenger hunts, and even lazy movie days. Keep and eye out on our social media and in the Stratford Press to see when we’re delivering future school holiday activities.

We partner up with other groups or organisations to deliver other cool projects or activities too because we love to collaborate with like-minded individuals and groups! We’ve previously had workshops on sustainability and reuse of resources and materials.

If you or someone you think would love to help us deliver a programme or activity within our Youth Space to the young people of Stratford then please contact us.

We’re working hard on delivering more to the young people of this community. Keep an eye out for what we’ve got planned for the future by following us on Facebook or Instagram to see what we’re up to next.