The health of our youth is a major priority for our organisation. So much so that it is an objective of ours to help provide healthy futures and wellbeing to the young people of our community.

In order to provide the young people of Stratford a healthier future, we have our own health clinics delivered out of our facility on Tuesday afternoons from 2pm – 4pm. The service is free to youth aged between 12 – 25  and is of a confidential nature between yourself and the health practitioner. Appointments are in 15 minute – 30 minute periods throughout the Tuesday afternoon.

The Health Clinics are provided by a Health Nurse practitioner from Ngati Ruanui. Our practitioner can do:

Health checks,
Complete asthma checks,
Emergency contraception,
Pregnancy tests,
Treat medical problems, and
Administer lab tests.

This is a full medical clinic available to the youth of Central Taranaki to utilise to better their health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in seeing the health nurse or would like more information just pop into Tūtaki Youth Inc. and chat to one of the team members.