We support positive futures for families for better life and long term change. Our family social work service provides for children under 12 and their whanau, along with over 25 year old’s who seek help to reduce the risk of poor outcomes for themselves and their children that they themselves or family members have identified. We work to empower and build self-esteem, alter behavioural issues,  strengthen social and family relationships, create positive connections with others, help with education support, support with overall health and wellbeing, advocacy for both children and their family, and building resilience.

Our goal is to empower families for long term positive change for the benefit of our community and the future of our youth. We do this by providing the family of the young person updates of their progress on a regular basis and engage with parents to determine the needs of their children.

Though the majority of our social work delivery is one-on-one in nature we also deliver programmes that are both in group settings or alternatively in a more private nature individually with our clients. Our programmes are delivered to many of our local schools whom we work closely with. These programmes cover many behavioural aspects from taming anger to healthy relationships.

Access to our Social Work service provision is available through our referral process only. Through this process we will be better able to help any family or children that require any assistance.  If you, as a parent, are concerned about your child you can mention this to their school and a referral can be made to us by them directly or alternatively follow the referral process.

By offering this support to children and their families we hope to foster great outcomes and positive lives for our community.