Youth work is integral to Tūtaki Youth Inc.’s service delivery. We want young people to be happy, engaged in their community and recognise and realise their potential. Through our service young people aged 12-24 years have access to a Youth Worker who empowers and supports them with identity and self-esteem, social and family relationships, life skills, career pathways, education support, mental and physical health, advocacy and building resilience.

Our Youth Worker does all this and more by building and maintaining relationships with young people and their families. These relationships are built in both individual and group work settings with youth referred to our service.

Access to our Youth Work service provision is available through our referral process only. Through this process we will be better able to help any youth that require any assistance. The referral process is outlined here.

Along with delivering the above services our Youth Worker coordinates our great Youth Space in our facility which you can learn about more here. It’s a safe place for any youth and if you feel you’re not at your best in your life then there is a helping hand available to discuss something happening in your life, drop into have a chat, or even tell us something awesome with our Youth Worker. That’s what we we’re here for.

You can pop into Tūtaki Youth at any time provided you are 12-24 years old and if you feel some youth work would benefit yourself then by all means enquire with one of our friendly team members. Young people or parents can give us a call before visiting for the first time if you wish to find out more.

We’re here to help young people reach their potential and it’s a goal our team strive towards every week with clients and facility users alike.