We develop and deliver structured programmes to young people in our community.  We like to make sure we are always being purposeful and what we deliver is relevant so we create our own programmes based on what we see the needs being for young people, making sure we use best practice while doing so. Programmes are often delivered in group settings but sometimes can be delivered one on one, depending on the needs of the young person.

All programmes, with the exception of ROaV, are accessible via our referral process.  If you or someone you know would benefit from being involved with one of the programmes we deliver then please follow this.

All our programmes are based on developing new skills, building great relationships with peers, empowering leadership, expressing individuality, learning from great role models, understanding yourself, and most importantly having fun!



Taming Anger

This programme is looking at identifying what triggers a child or young person to become angry, recognizing what happens to their body and then knowing appropriate strategies to work through their anger in more suitable ways. An important component of this programme is also ensuring the person gains an understanding that anger is ok if it is expressed in healthy ways and what these healthy ways may be for them.


Healthy relationships

Relationships can be a difficult part of a child or young person’s life. With this programme we identify with them what a healthy partnership looks like and what are the differences between healthy and unhealthy. This looks at both their individual relationships and also their family dynamics and how these have influenced them. Also how to keep our selves safe, what different types of relationships are and through this programme is some work around building and maintaining friendships.



This programme is about recognizing with the young person what self-esteem is and what self-confidence is and the difference between these two. Placing importance on identifying their strengths and good qualities about themselves in order to build resilience within them. Working through ways to build their self-esteem and allowing discussion for things they may struggle with.



The focus of this programme is to assist each individual to realize their true potential by acknowledging aspects of themselves that may need positive change to reach future goals and ambitions. An emphasis is put on exploring what makes the young person different from others and making goals for their future.


ROaV (Relationships, Opportunities and Values)

This programme is delivered alongside local primary schools and groups of children come to Tutaki and specific activities and exercises are completed alongside two facilitators. The idea of this programme is to create awareness and understanding among children and young people about the different types of bullying and the effects it has on people. Other aspects for this programme include, looking at how we can respect ourselves and others and how we respond and support both victims of bulling and bullies themselves. We also collaborate with other agencies such a Stratford Police and Life Education Trust throughout this programme to deliver specific elements.