Lions Den Gym & Fitness Centre


This is our very own gym and fitness centre right here in Stratford. We like to think that it’s the best place to work out in town.

The gym is a social enterprise and a philanthropic endeavour to help resource the charitable works Tūtaki Youth Inc. offers to the community. The Lions Den Gym & Fitness Centre is a professionally operated community gym offering low cost 24/7 access to a well-resourced unique facility in Stratford. We are open to all members of the public and make it our goal to create and maintain a great atmosphere for all. We offer comprehensive pricing options, fitness assessments, personal training, and group classes.

Our motto here is to ‘Work, Sweat, Achieve’. We like to think that if members follow this then they will have a brighter future and the community itself will benefit. By being a Lions Den Gym & Fitness Centre member you are indirectly “Keeping yourself and your community healthy” which is because the proceeds from our endeavour are injected directly back into our organisation to improve the facility and deliver the services available to the community. We are incredibly grateful for the awesome bunch of members we do already have and are always open to more joining us on our journey.


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Police Projects

History of the Lions Den

The Lions Den was created by Central and South Taranaki Youth Development Trust in partnership with the Stratford Police and with support from Toko, Stratford, and Kaponga Lions at the end of 2009 to reduce youth offending. The project achieved great outcomes with young people and significantly reduced offending. Central and South Taranaki Youth Development Trust amalgamated with other organisations to create Tūtaki Youth Inc. in 2012. The new multi-purpose youth facility was opened in mid-2013 which provides youth, social and health services as well as a community gym.

Tūtaki Youth Inc. continues work in partnership with Police Youth Development to provide projects that prevent and reduce youth offending. A very successful element of the Lions Den is the one-on-one sessions between a young person and a mentor. This provides the young person with the opportunity to build confidence, develop discipline, identify their strengths, introduce them to living a healthy lifestyle and spend time with a positive role model. Group work is also undertaken with children and young people in a structured environment.

While the Lions Den project continues to give young people opportunities to change their path, it has now been developed into a place that the whole community can benefit from and enjoy.