After years of delays and speedbumps we’re happy and proud to say that we’re finally online for you all! The task hasn’t always been easy but we’ve managed to string together this great website all in-house even though we’re always rushed off our feet and finding time to encapsulate all the wonderful things our team does is very hard.

Our website, which is colourful and vibrant much like our team and our facility, is live from today onwards and will be updated with events and blog posts regularly. We’re definitely going to keep you all in the loop with what’s going on at Tūtaki Youth Inc. and what our team gets up to.

This site will be our portal to the online world and the greater community. We hope everyone in Stratford and beyond can find us, learn about what we offer, use our services, and help make our community better for years to come.

Within our new site you’ll:

  • Find testimonials from local persons who have worked with us previously,
  • See our supporters who have helped fund our journey,
  • Find ways to contact us and times we’re open,
  • Learn about our services and the facility we have to offer,
  • Be able to see current emerging trends through our referral statistics,
  • Find all our social networks we’re on and join on our conversations,
  • Know how we operate and deliver our service provision,
  • Find useful information to other organisations or groups we find relevant,
  • Book in an appointment completely online for our health clinics,
  • Be keep updated on all events we hold and hope to have in the future,
  • Learn about certain topics through our blog posts,
  • Find our past media articles & mentions, and
  • Most importantly, learn about how to refer to us if needed.

We hope you like it as much as we do. Happy scrolling everyone!