I was part of the inception group that became Tūtaki Youth Inc. through my role as Police Project Leader I’ve helped create the great facility we have today. I have been part of this fantastic team as a practitioner (through the Lions Den Boxing & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), a Family violence Co-ordinator, the Deputy Chairman on the Board of Trustees and finally as the General Manager. Through all my previous and current roles the goal has always been to help every young person in Central Taranaki reach their potential.

One of the unique parts of this organisation is the link between the Lions Den Gym & Fitness Centre and our Service Provision. We have a great membership base of community members who pay to use our gym, which we in turn use the proceeds to upgrade the equipment and help our ‘young people reach their potential’ by directly funding the charitable works we offer through Tūtaki Youth. If there’s one thing we want members and the community as a whole to take away from our Lions Den Gym project is that by being a member you are ‘keeping yourself and your town healthy’.

Through my role in the New Zealand Police it is clear to see the link between Domestic Violence and the affect it has on young people. We pride ourselves in delivering the message that ‘Domestic Violence is not OK’ and we need to ‘empower our families’ to better themselves for the future generations. What I find remarkable is that we are a part of an organisation that meets this challenge head on which is a testament to the team we have gathered over the years.

The Tūtaki Team are amazing. Our Service Provision consists of Youth Work, Family Social Work and Prevention Social Work. They are supported by our very capable administration team and a wonderful facility. Our building is not only colourful on the outside but within too where you will always find an open door and helpful, passionate, and professional team members on hand.