I jumped on board with Tūtaki Youth in mid 2013 after the facility’s opening and I’m now one of the longest standing team members we have. This place has grown, jumped over hurdles, adapted, and continues to develop into an awesome place to work and have available to the Stratford community.

Things have changed a lot since our intial opening year but we continue to run such a tight-ship here at Tūtaki  Youth where all our diversity and experience is utilised to it’s best. It makes for an awesome place to work!

My roles throughout the years have seen myself involved in most of the areas in our service from sitting in case management meetings, providing administration and reception support, taking minutes in our governance meetings, through to developing and coordinating our great gym, building our online and community presence and presenting financials to our stakeholders. I’ve worn a lot of hats over my time as a member of this team. I guess it helps keep things interesting!

I, myself am a Stratford kid from the get go. I’ve attended our local schools and enjoyed my youth in our community before heading off to university in Palmerston North.  I’ve studied Accounting throughout uni but my true interests are in businesses, technology and creating things. I like to think I have a creative mind so my role here definitely lets me utilise that.

We hope to continue to establish ourselves in the Stratford community while also improving what we already deliver and produce even more opportunities for the youth and families of Stratford.