I started working at Tūtaki Youth Inc. in 2012, right at the beginning when it was being established, helping to create the organisation and the facility we call home. So much has been achieved since then, including building the facility, establishing services, programmes and activities, and growing the Lions Den Gym & Fitness Centre.

Tūtaki Youth Inc. is a vibrant, warm and friendly place to work, and to visit.  It was designed by young people for young people and continues to reflect that.  The doors are painted brightly and the carpet is dotted with lots of different colours as you make your way around the building – each square is in the perfect place, believe me, I placed them myself!!

My husband Jade and I were both born and raised in Taranaki and live locally still with our little boy Jacob.  I have worked in Stratford since 2009, having been involved in the feasibility study and project planning for Tūtaki Youth Inc. when it was just an idea.  I have had the privilege of seeing the project to fruition and remain passionate about making sure it is a great place for staff to work, a place where young people and families can be supported, and an organisation that is focused on progress and continues to lead within the youth and preventions sector.

The team at Tūtaki are awesome; fun, passionate and motivated to do their very best in their roles and for the community. Tūtaki is one of a kind.  It was dreamed of, planned for and established to provide for young people and families within our community and that will forever be the scope it works within.  I am proud of the organisation that has been created, the facility we work in everyday, the team of staff and board of governors who with passion and integrity work hard everyday to help others, and the services, programmes, activities and facilities we offer.