Sam Haggart

Youth Worker

I have been at Tūtaki Youth since August 2015 after an awesome social work placement right here! I love working at Tūtaki Youth as the Youth Worker because I get to be creative and learn new things while working with the young people who live in Stratford.

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Steph Walden

Preventions Social Worker

Kia Ora, I have been privileged to have been working here since our opening in July 2013. I was lucky enough to gain a position at this awesome workplace, a workplace where I still love my job and my work mates immensely years on from starting.

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Dane Carr

Fitness Services Coordinator

I started working at Tūtaki Youth Inc. in 2017, prior to that I had been contracted here as a personal trainer and class instructor. I really enjoyed working alongside the team at Tūtaki and when the opportunity arose to become an employee I jumped.

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Phoebe Hall


I joined Tūtaki Youth Inc. in August 2016 as part of the Business Team. Tūtaki Youth is a great community-focussed organisation that thrives on making whoever walks through the door feel welcome and looked after. It is certainly a hive of activity with people popping in and out to utilise the services we provide, or simply hang out in a fun and positive space.

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Kim Marsh

Operations Leader

I’m the first face you may see when entering our great facility. I joined the team at Tūtaki Youth in 2015 as a part of the administration team. Tūtaki was created by a group of amazing people who saw a need for the youth in our community to be well supported in reaching their full potential.

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Hayden Mattock

Image & Innovation Leader

I jumped on board with Tūtaki Youth in mid 2013 after the facility’s opening and I’m now one of the longest standing team members we have. This place has grown, jumped over hurdles, adapted, and continues to develop into an awesome place to work and have available to the Stratford community.

Things have changed a lot since our intial opening year but we continue to run such a tight-ship here at Tūtaki  Youth where all our diversity and experience is utilised to it’s best. It makes for an awesome place to work!

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Simon Howard

Police Projects Leader

I was part of the inception group that became Tūtaki Youth Inc. through my role as Police Project Leader I’ve helped create the great facility we have today. I have been part of this fantastic team as a practitioner (through the Lions Den Boxing & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), a Family violence Co-ordinator, the Deputy Chairman on the Board of Trustees and finally as the General Manager. Through all my previous and current roles the goal has always been to help every young person in Central Taranaki reach their potential.

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Ellen Hall

General Manager

I started working at Tūtaki Youth Inc. in 2012, right at the beginning when it was being established, helping to create the organisation and the facility we call home. So much has been achieved since then, including building the facility, establishing services, programmes and activities, and growing the Lions Den Gym & Fitness Centre.

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