Tūtaki Youth Inc. would like to let you know that Ellen Hall, our General Manager, is leaving her current role as she is expecting a new addition to her family and she is not intending to return. Ellen’s last day in the office will be 1 March 2019.


Ellen has been involved with the establishment of Tūtaki since 2012 and its day to day running until now.  During this time Ellen has played a critical role in the development, growth and success of the organisation.  We’ll all miss Ellen, her passion for young people and desire to build a team that provides a fantastic service to the community.

Ellen has been involved in many significant accomplishments, including:

  • Setting up a professional and reputable service provision that provides for children who are vulnerable, young people at risk and those that suffer from family violence; the gap between what is provided by the government and the community need.
  • Overseeing the growth of the Tūtaki team to 8 highly competent and passionate staff who believe in and contribute towards achieving the organisation’s vision.
  • Building excellent relationships with key partners including funders, community stakeholders, and other service providers.
  • Overseeing the development of the Lions Den Gym & Fitness Centre, a significant contribution to the organisation’s financial sustainability and a much-needed facility and services for the community.


Until the board recruit a replacement – please contact Simon Howard.

Again, we cannot thank Ellen enough for the commitment, passion, enthusiasm and motivation she has shown Tūtaki Youth Inc. over the past 9 years.  We wish Ellen all the very best as she leaves us to have baby number two and we are excited to see what the future has in store for her.  We are hopeful and excited for the next chapter of Tūtaki Youth Inc. as we continue to focus on creating positive life outcomes for children, young people and their families.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at simon.howard@police.govt.nz .


Simon Howard,

Chair of  Tūtaki Youth Inc.