The health of our youth is a major priority for our organisation. So much so that it is an objective of ours to help provide healthy futures and wellbeing to the young people of our community.

In order to provide the young people of Stratford a healthier future we have our own health clinics delivered out of our facility on Monday afternoons from 2pm – 4pm. The service is free to youth aged between 12 – 25  and is of a confidential nature between yourself and the health practitioner. Appointments are in 15 minute periods throughout the Monday afternoon.



Health Clinics unavailable for the remainder of 2017


The Health Clinics are provided by a Health Nurse practitioner from Ngati Ruanui. Our practitioner can do:

WINZ forms,
Prescribe medication,
Complete asthma checks,
Treat medical problems, and
Administer lab tests.

This is a full medical clinic available to the youth of Central Taranaki to utilise to better their health and wellbeing.

To schedule a time slot for our Health Clinics use our online tool below or drop into our facility and use one of our computers in the Youth Hangout Space to book your time slot through our website. Simply choose the best 15 minute time slot that suits you then fill in the details with your name and contact number and it’s all booked and ready to go.

If you are interested in booking an appointment or would like more information just pop into Tūtaki Youth and chat to one of the team members or alternatively if you do not have internet access contact us to book a space. If you would like to cancel an appointment already booked you can do so by emailing


During early 2017 we will have a new Registered Nurse taking over the clinics. Our Nurse can only complete the following at appointments:


Sexual Health Checks

Physical Check-ups

Please be aware of the above when booking into the clinics.

Book an appointment below: